About Us

Our mission: is to help students prepare for work, active citizenship, and primary, high school & post-secondary, using a combination of classroom, T-VET projects and community internships.

Bookers International Schools was set-up to blur the traditional line between vocational, formal and capacity building programs. We encapsulate these and even more innovations into our “Educational Systems”, thereby allowing our young learners to discover their own strength while evolving and growing.

We are acutely aware that we live in a challenging time, and need a radical and new approach to educating the young people to tackle the skill-gap, environmental, sustainability, hunger and other challenges. In Bookers, we raise young people who are aware of these challenges; young people who are poised and determined to become innovators and young leaders within their communities and in the world.

Bookers had since built solid relationship with the Ifo community to transform the lives of thousands of young people. Bookers is poised to raising the young next leaders within its community.

Who Are We

We identify with excellence, hardwork and diversity. We embrace peace, respect, and are totally open to learning new methods and approaches.

Our Mission

Provide the best educational, vocational and empowerment experience to any young person who comes into our institution.

What We Do

We are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference.

Our 6-D Process


We discover the weakness and strength of our young learners and continue to work on that strength until it is excellently developed.


We help our young learners to define a long-term goal, and what impact they want to make and give them the required skills to accomplish their goals.


We mentally, technically and spiritually develop our young learners. After all, we are all about molding the complete child.


We challenge our students to dare; to compete and go further and go places.


We pride our diversity and embrace gender equality and believe in every sex, ideologies, religion, and race.


We believe in the power dreams and daily encourage our young learners to dream bigger.

Why Choose Us?

We are all about quality education and believe whatever is worth doing should be done excellently.

Our vocational programs are vast and covers baking, cooking, farming, plumbing, sowing, painting, photography, cinematography and others.

We believe entrepreneurship is a journey best started young and we encourage our learners into this adventure by bringing the best professionals to them to train tell, mentor and prepare them for this audacious venture.

Our E-learning covers core subjects and vocational programs which include numerology, language, comprehension, and vocational classes such as CSS, HTML, WordPress, Desktop Publishing and others.

Our educational programs have won several international awards which includes the RUFORUM: Regional Universities Forum “Most Innovative Business in West Africa 2019,” and the “Best School Award” from the Japanese Ministry of Education and others.

We work with extremely professional teachers who are extremely methodical and effective. And we have the right environment for our learners.

Many of our teachers have been with us since we started in 2014, which testifies to their loyalty, passion and love for what they do. Our teaching teams are highly qualified, professional and women and men of great patience and skills.

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