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DESI/Covid-19 Scholarship

Covid-19 Scholarship also called DESI: Digital and Environmental Skills Initiative provides sporting, digital and environmental skills plus physical and mental health education to young people stuck at home during the pandemic to engage youths till post-Covid-19


We deploy an e-learning program that covers day to day formal, vocational and sensitization education. This also includes our online scholarship to provide education during the pandemic.


SEAP: Sports, Entrepreneurial and Apprenticeship Program allows volunteer professionals to visit our school to provide different skills, mentoring and training programs for our learners. We develop team work spirit, leadership and other skills through development of Sporting Skills.


Bookers Youth Farm Enterprise provides modern farming skills to young learners in areas such as horticulture, farming, livestock and others agricultural programs.


We believe young people should understand how the climate, business and sustainability should interact and work; we provide an environmental education through Bookers Eco-Education Program.

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Our International Winner

Olutayo won over 20,000 participants from 157 countries in the world to win the 1st Prize and collecting the Goi Peace Foundation and Japanese Minister of Education Prize 2019

Best School Award 2019

We won thousands of International Schools to collect the Minister of Education “Best School Prize 2019”

Forbes 2020 Digital School

We emerge the ONLY school in Nigeria to win the Forbes Digital Accelerator Competition 2020.